Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tweet Tweet

Mommy and daddy felt bad that there were no more cows to entertain us... We scanned the hills surrounding the house periodically throughout the day, but nothing.

So when mommy and daddy went out to run errands and do a bit of shopping, they bought us a surprise.

Daddy couldn't wait to give us our new toys--a bright red cardinal for me (Brownie) and handsome blue jay for me (Rocco). We haven't had birds to toss around and tear up in a long while.

I (Brownie) immediately went to work. I let daddy toss the creature to me a couple times, but then I went into the living for some one-on-one time with my fine feathered friend.

Ten minutes later, this is what mommy found when she came to check in on me...

At the same time, I was playing like a nice boy in the family room.

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