Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sweet Cocoa

This is our ‘cousin’ Cocoa. She is a teacup Chihuahua. She is very small and delicate. She usually wears a sweater to keep warm because she’s always cold. We think she has a pretty smile.

She has a baby sister named Calleigh who sleeps in a crib and wears diapers. Cocoa is a big girl. She goes potty on the ‘puppy pads’…well, most of the time.

We don’t get to see Cocoa very often. Daddy is afraid we’d toss her around like a rag doll. And that would make Aunt Stephanie cry. We wouldn’t want to do that…but Cocoa does sound like a sweet and delicious treat to us!

Wait a minute, so does Brownie

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