Friday, May 18, 2007

New Groomer

Today we went to a new groomer in Fairfield.

Mommy said it was time when she caught me (Rocco) biting my nails.

Kim is the groomer & owner of Kim's Groomingdales. She was recommended by the vet.

Although we realllllly dislike** the whole grooming process, she was nice and gentle with us.

**Note: We’re not allowed to say the word ‘hate’ otherwise we would have used it here.

Neither one of us like getting a bath, but I (Rocco) am especially nervous when I see the scissors…and then my tail is lifted…it brings back bad memories…

And I (Brownie) really don’t like that other thing she does back there…but I must admit, it stops me from having to scoot.

The best part is it was all over in an hour and a half and we were on our way home.

Mommy was very happy. She said she’s going to write a review on the Internet to let other mommies know it’s a good, safe place to take their pups.

Maybe Kim will get soooo busy; she won’t be able to fit us in next time!