Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mother's Day

Two years ago was our first official Mother’s Day with mommy so we wanted to make it extra special. Rocco came up with a plan. Since we were living in Vallejo, we’d take the ferry into San Francisco and shop for the perfect Mother’s Day gift there.

I (Brownie) was a little nervous about the idea of going to the city alone, but Rocco said we’d be fine. We just needed to remember the rules: 1) stick together and 2) don’t talk to strangers.

So we picked a day, and that morning while daddy was getting ready for work, Rocco very carefully ‘borrowed’ a credit card from his wallet. As soon as they both were gone for the day, we were on the move. I (Brownie) got a little seasick on the boat, but I was fine once on land again.

Rocco had used Yahoo! maps to get directions to our destination. From the Ferry Building we headed up Market Street, and turned right on Kearny then a quick left on Post towards Union Square. In no time, we were standing in front of the shiny double metal doors of TIFFANY & CO.

Inside, a nice sales lady showed us lots of pretty sparkly things she thought mommy would love. She was very helpful. She even wrapped mommy’s gifts in little blue boxes tied with white satin bows.

In less than an hour we emerged from the store each with a Tiffany bag dangling from our mouth. We never thought it could be so easy to spend daddy’s money! We were very proud of ourselves as we headed home.

Mommy loved the sparkly rings we got her that year. Daddy just shook his head, and then hid the credit cards.

This year we're shopping online. Rocco memorized all the numbers on the front of daddy’s card & I (Brown) memorized the important ones on the back. What can we say? We're just two smart pups who love our momma.

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