Saturday, May 12, 2007

A New Kitty

Mommy thought it was time to get us a new Terrible Nasty Scaries kitty. We…well mostly me (Brown)…have worked our most recent Big Mean Kitty into a sad, sad state. Two legs are gone….One is still in tact, one with no stuffing is barely there…and it's tail is hanging on by a thread.

We have a BLUE Dirty Rotten Kitty , and although mommy & daddy have tried to encourage us to play with it, we really want NOTHING to do with the thing. Instead its buried at the bottom of our toy box.

We’ve gutted…well mostly me (Brown)…numerous YELLOW Awful Mad Kitties…and lots & lots of PURPLE Big Mean cats, but we are not the least bit interested in BLUE Dirty Rotten Kitty, and that drives mom & dad nuts. They scratch their heads and ask ‘what’s wrong with the BLUE one?’ But we’ll never tell.

We are VERY excited about our new AWFUL MAD Kitty. I’ve (Brown) already started working on a couple of its legs. And I even let Rocco briefly play with it before I snatched it back.

What can I say? It’s in my genes.

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