Sunday, September 30, 2007

Standing Guard

All is safe on California Street. And in the City.
It's OUR watch.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Momma Got a New Do

We heard the garage door open. And we know what that means. Its Friday--Daddy AND MOMMY are home. Hurray!

We love Fridays. Its THE best day of the week.

The door opens and there she is. "Mommy's home! Mommy's home!"
I (Rocco) whine. I (Brownie) circle & twitch. We both jump & jockey for position for her attention. We're so excited, we can't contain ourselves.

We go out back.
We go potty.
We all eat dinner.
Momma cleans up the dishes.
Daddy opens the mail.
We get a couple treats.
We settle in with mommy on the chair.

I (Rocco) gazed up into momma's eyes...lovingly.

Wait a minute. Something's different.

Woooo, Brownie look! Mommy looks different. Still pretty, but different.

I (Brown) think she got her hair cut. I think Lola's daddy cut our momma's hair off!

I (Rocco) still think she looks beautiful.

Me (Brown) too. I love our momma.

I (Rocco) love our momma too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Milestone

Today marks a milestone in our sibling rivalry. Since moving to Fairfield, the minute that back door opens and we bolt out, Brownie has always made it to the fence before me (Rocco). Sometimes, when I get a jump start out of the ‘gate’, Brown will twist and growl and nip, in an effort to hinder my race. Her speed &/or her intimidation tactics have always beat me to the ‘finish line’.

Until today.

Today our friend Terry came to clean the spool. Because we weren’t able to go out and play, he left a handful of yummy treats on the patio for us. So tonight when daddy came home and let us out, instead of heading for the hill, Brownie was distracted by the treats. I, on the other hand, had the goal in mind and headed straight for the fence. And as daddy called the race, I beat Brownie by a mile!

Rocco: Can you say: Win-na cir-cle, win-na cir-cle, win-na cir-cle?

Brown: Can you say: Foo bel-lay. Foo bel-lay. Foo bel-lay?

Sweet victory.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy Weekend; We're Exhausted

We had a family filled fun weekend!

We came into San Francisco on Friday night with daddy. Not our normal routine. But our grandma was here visiting from Ohio. And Aunt Susie, Aunt Jackie, Brynne & Meaghan all spent the weekend in the condo with us.

It was a little crazy & crowded. Stuff everywhere. But we enjoyed every minute of our precious time with our grandma.

And we had an extra good time with our cousins...especially the attention we got from Meaghan.

But after such a busy weekend, we're pooped.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


We’re very excited. Grandma is coming to visit us this weekend all the way from Ohio. We’re going into the city tomorrow to spend the weekend with her.

She’s a good grandma. She gives us lots of love and attention…in her own way.
We’re so excited; we can’t sleep.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Preakness

This evening when daddy came home to let us out back, we had a little variation on the race to the fence. Instead of the Kentucky Derby, like usual, he described it to mommy as…well, the Preakness.

He opened the door as usual. But, I (Brown) who normally gets “a jump out of the gate” got sidetracked because Terry, our pool friend, left treats for his most delicious treats Rocco was half way across the yard when I recovered. Focused, I catch and passed him; easily reaching the fence before him.

Rocco may be graceful. But I’m lightening fast.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Daddy Busts Rocco

Tonight while mommy was shopping for dinner at Whole Foods, daddy was relaxing in the condo watching Sunday night football. I (Brownie) was sleeping on daddy’s lap & Rocco was curled up neatly on the other end of the couch.

Suddenly I (Rocco) woke up with an urge to ‘trim my nails’. So I got to it…I don’t know if I was nervous…or what…but I started chewing my nails…biting my nails.

Daddy reached over to give me a little pat on the head. At the same time off came the nail. Daddy didn’t notice. But as he scratched my cheek and neck, I naturally relaxed, and out fell the nail; right on the couch.

All I (Brownie) can say: G-r-o-s-s! Gross.

Daddy wants mommy to save it for Aunt Susie.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Best Daddy

After a long hard day at the office, daddy comes home to us in Fairfield. Once we hear the garage door opening, we start barking. We’re so excited that he’s home. The first thing he does after he gives us ‘a little love’ is let us out back to go potty. He knows we’ve been waiting awhile to do that.

After we’re back inside and had a few treats, he heads up stairs to hang up his suit & tie.

We follow right behind. Its Wednesday, and that's a special day for us. Instead of daddy changing into shorts or sweats, he changes into his jeans. And then he asks “Who wants to go see the momma?” Hurray! We start jumping and turning and whining. We're so excited our tails are wagging at super speed.

“We do!” We answer. “WE want to go see our mommy!”

Ahhhhhh. There is nothing better than relaxing with the momma.

Monday, September 10, 2007

We Hate Monday Mornings

We never realized how depressing Monday mornings were until momma started working in the city. Now we have a new Monday morning routine that sadly includes us kissing mommy good bye and heading back to Fairfield.

Here’s our typical schedule:

6:00am--Wake daddy up in the condo with kisses

6:05am--Daddy rolls out of bed & goes the bathroom. We snuggle with mommy for a few minutes more before our day officially starts.

6:20am--Daddy is dressed and ready to take us out for our morning ‘potty’ walk.

6:40am--We return to the condo for post-potty treats to find mommy busy getting ready for her day.

6:45am--Daddy goes to Starbucks and we 're up on the bed to watch mommy primp for the office. Though we love watching her, this is our most depressing time of the day. This is when we realize mommy is staying in the city and daddy is driving us back to Fairfield.

7:00am--Daddy's at the door. We’re happy to see him, BUT we know it will soon be time to leave our momma.

7:15am--We’re leashed up and ready to go. We kiss mommy goodbye & she tells us she loves us. One last look, with our sad puppy dog eyes, before we’re out the door.

7:19am--We’re in our car seat, out the garage and on California Street.

We miss our mommy already.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Kentucky Derby in Fairfield

Daddy says it’s like the Kentucky Derby every evening when he opens the back door to let us go potty.

As soon as that door is opened, we’re off to the races! Barking incessantly, we run as fast as we can, straight to the fence to see if the Wolves are in their yard next door.

Shaking his head, daddy follows us out, and calls very sternly: “Rocco. Brownie. Come.” By then The Wolves’ mommy has opened their door and called them inside.

So we fly off the hill, do a quick potty, and head inside. Daddy thinks we’re listening to him call.
We get a couple of treats while he says “Good puppies’.

We snicker as we lick our chops.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Baguettes and Brie

We really miss our mommy, but we do love our daddy.

He is so much more liberal with people food.

For example, tonight we ate Fromager d’ Affinois Double Cream Brie on a fresh La Brea Bakery wheat baguette.

Can you say: très délicieux?

Perhaps tomorrow it will be a young Spanish Manchego or a Swiss Cave Aged Gruyere...

...Muy delicioso. Oder sehr köstlich.

Good food IS the international language.

Monday, September 3, 2007


I (Rocco) pride myself in being able to slip out of harnesses.

They don’t hurt me. And they don’t even really bother me. I just like the challenge of getting out of them.

I’ve almost chewed through a couple fabric ones, until mom caught me. I’ve slipped my paw through a few others, and just recently I learned how to unbuckle a fancy one made in Italy.

It freaks my parents out.

Though I would never dream of running away, especially from my momma, it is so much fun teasing them.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Baby has a Boo Boo

This morning daddy was giving me (Brownie) a doggie massage & he noticed I have a boo boo under my left front leg (arm).

It’s a little rash on which mommy and daddy conferred. They think it’s a result of my harness buckle.

Good news—the simple tan Italy rolled leather collar is back on during my time in Fairfield. And my harness only comes out in San Francisco when it’s time for a walk…I still pull too much.

They’re applying ointment and giving it a week to clear up.

I love the attention.

Rocco is jealous.