Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Milestone

Today marks a milestone in our sibling rivalry. Since moving to Fairfield, the minute that back door opens and we bolt out, Brownie has always made it to the fence before me (Rocco). Sometimes, when I get a jump start out of the ‘gate’, Brown will twist and growl and nip, in an effort to hinder my race. Her speed &/or her intimidation tactics have always beat me to the ‘finish line’.

Until today.

Today our friend Terry came to clean the spool. Because we weren’t able to go out and play, he left a handful of yummy treats on the patio for us. So tonight when daddy came home and let us out, instead of heading for the hill, Brownie was distracted by the treats. I, on the other hand, had the goal in mind and headed straight for the fence. And as daddy called the race, I beat Brownie by a mile!

Rocco: Can you say: Win-na cir-cle, win-na cir-cle, win-na cir-cle?

Brown: Can you say: Foo bel-lay. Foo bel-lay. Foo bel-lay?

Sweet victory.

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