Monday, September 10, 2007

We Hate Monday Mornings

We never realized how depressing Monday mornings were until momma started working in the city. Now we have a new Monday morning routine that sadly includes us kissing mommy good bye and heading back to Fairfield.

Here’s our typical schedule:

6:00am--Wake daddy up in the condo with kisses

6:05am--Daddy rolls out of bed & goes the bathroom. We snuggle with mommy for a few minutes more before our day officially starts.

6:20am--Daddy is dressed and ready to take us out for our morning ‘potty’ walk.

6:40am--We return to the condo for post-potty treats to find mommy busy getting ready for her day.

6:45am--Daddy goes to Starbucks and we 're up on the bed to watch mommy primp for the office. Though we love watching her, this is our most depressing time of the day. This is when we realize mommy is staying in the city and daddy is driving us back to Fairfield.

7:00am--Daddy's at the door. We’re happy to see him, BUT we know it will soon be time to leave our momma.

7:15am--We’re leashed up and ready to go. We kiss mommy goodbye & she tells us she loves us. One last look, with our sad puppy dog eyes, before we’re out the door.

7:19am--We’re in our car seat, out the garage and on California Street.

We miss our mommy already.

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