Friday, September 28, 2007

Momma Got a New Do

We heard the garage door open. And we know what that means. Its Friday--Daddy AND MOMMY are home. Hurray!

We love Fridays. Its THE best day of the week.

The door opens and there she is. "Mommy's home! Mommy's home!"
I (Rocco) whine. I (Brownie) circle & twitch. We both jump & jockey for position for her attention. We're so excited, we can't contain ourselves.

We go out back.
We go potty.
We all eat dinner.
Momma cleans up the dishes.
Daddy opens the mail.
We get a couple treats.
We settle in with mommy on the chair.

I (Rocco) gazed up into momma's eyes...lovingly.

Wait a minute. Something's different.

Woooo, Brownie look! Mommy looks different. Still pretty, but different.

I (Brown) think she got her hair cut. I think Lola's daddy cut our momma's hair off!

I (Rocco) still think she looks beautiful.

Me (Brown) too. I love our momma.

I (Rocco) love our momma too.

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