Monday, September 22, 2008

Who tooted?

This morning when I (Rocco) was laying on the bed waiting for daddy to get dressed to take us potty, I tooted. Whoops. Daddy busted me, so I quickly looked around as if to say: What was that? I guess he didn’t fall for it…instead he started laughing and told mommy.

I wish I could tell him: "It’s your fault! Hurry up, I gotta go!”

Friday, September 12, 2008

Brownie's afraid of her shadow!

Today Mommy was working in the office and enjoying the sun shining in. I (Brownie) jumped up on the couch next to her….I like being close to her. But what I saw when I got there was very strange…almost frightening. There on the couch was a blob right in front of me and it kept following me to wherever I moved. I couldn’t lie down because it was right there.

Mommy couldn’t figure out what was scaring me…she just kept watching me curiously trying to figure it out...for what seemed like forever.

I kept moving and sniffing. And moving and sniffing. I looked up at her with my big brown eyes just wishing I could tell her what was wrong. Then more moving & sniffing at the blob. Finally, she figured it out and said: “Brownie, don't worry. That’s just your shadow!”