Monday, April 30, 2007

Writer's Block

So here I (Rocco) am taking a break under the desk at mommy's feet.

Starting our Work Week

It's Monday morning and here we are in our office.

We're on the laptop today, because mommy is sitting at the desk paying bills online.

We thought you'd like to see a picture of us in action.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Problem with The City

We have a lot of fun in the city.

We love sitting on the window seat for hours 'people watching' and 'dog watching' and sporadically barking at whomever we feel like as they hurry down California Street.

And we love spending time with our Aunt Susie. She's the best. She plays fetch with us until WE get tired. And she snuggles with us by the fireplace. And last night we cuddled with her all night long. She even let me (Brownie) slip under the covers. (But don’t tell mom.) We slept so soundly we didn’t wake up until after 7 o'clock!

But here’s the problem with the city. Once we wake up. We need to go potty.

When we’re in the country it’s easy. Once the patio door opens we just run out into our big backyard, pick a spot at our leisure, and go potty on the nicely manicured lawn. No problem.

In the city, it’s different…very different; and rather difficult. Its noisy, and dirty, and not a lot of grass anywhere to be found. Worst of all: We’re on leases & expected to perform on command. Unfortunately, we’re not always successful, especially with number two.

I (Rocco) don’t like it, and it’s not easy, but I can do it, if I HAVE to. End of conversation.

I (Brownie) HATE IT. I get performance anxiety & am constipated the entire time.
I prefer to poo in my own place. I guess I take after my momma.

So. As soon as I’m back in the country, and that patio door opens…

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Aunt Susie

We are VERY EXCITED! Mommy just told us we are going into the city to see Aunt Susie today!

We love our Aunt Susie. She's so much fun. She plays with us and gives us lots of love. She sneaks us treats and even let's us give her kisses on her face! She spoils us rotten.

She's meeting us at the condo & we're going to have a slumber party! We're going to have so much fun!

We just love her so much!

Friday, April 27, 2007

We Have a New Cousin!

His name is Lester and he’s a 5 year old Australian Shepherd.
Here's a picture of him.
He looks like a good boy.

Our Aunt Jackie, Uncle Scott, Brynne & Meaghan adopted him today!

He’s deaf. That means he can’t hear. But, he knows doggy sign language. He is VERY smart! And very sweet and gentle and well behaved. That’s good; because if he was rowdy like us, he might scare Meaghan. And that wouldn’t be good.

We are especially happy to know that he likes to play with little dogs. We can't wait to introduce ourselves to him. Hopefully we can have a play date soon.

We'll need to get him a little "welcome to the family" gift.
Yes we will.

He does look like a very good boy.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Regis is Back Today. Hurray Hurray!

Today is a very special day. Regis is back on TV this morning! And we are sooo happy.

It’s been six long weeks since his heart surgery AND six long weeks since we've been able to roughhouse early in the AM.

Let us explain. We use our doggy psychic powers, demonstrated through rowdy play, to predict the days that Regis will be on TV. The mornings we are calm & quiet indicates our prediction that a guest co-host will be on instead. (See our 2/27/07 blog posting for a complete explanation.)

It’s been a peaceful six weeks for mommy and daddy. But that all changed this morning!

Welcome Back Regis! We missed you!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Birds in Town

The crazy robin has stopped coming to visit us. Apparently she grew tired of the unrequited love from our dining room window. Mommy is happy. She was able to take the blankets off the railing and put them back in the linen closet. I (Rocco) still stop at the top of the stairs and look for Miss Robin Red Breast. But she’s not there.

Now mommy is wondering how to get peck marks off of a window that is 14 feet off the ground…

But don’t worry about us; there are new birds in town to keep us busy. Our backyard is now bustling with hummingbirds buzzing, diving & enjoying our red bottlebrush bush. Mommy told daddy she thinks they maybe nesting.

Although we don’t even come close, we can’t stop running around trying to catch one.

I guess we take after our mommy in that regard. You see, after waiting & waiting, snapping a million pictures & saying a few bad words, mommy was finally able to get this picture of one of the little buggers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Mom the Good Cook

Our mommy likes to cook. She cooks dinner for daddy almost every night. Daddy says she should open a restaurant. And that makes mommy smile.

Last night she made ground turkey lasagna. She told daddy it was her grandma’s recipe. It smelled sooo good cooking in the oven. We couldn’t wait for them to sit down at the table to eat. As usual we sat on the floor on either side of daddy & waited.

Then mommy reminded daddy that we can’t have tomatoes because they aren’t good for pups. We were so disappointed…we couldn’t believe our luck.

But then, we saw mommy bring over two of our bowls to the table. She told daddy she had saved some of the cooked turkey for us & added a little cheese to it. We were licking our chops & wagging our tails. We knew it was going to be delicious. And it was!

Our mommy is the best cook in the whole world!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Falling Out of Bed

I (Rocco) fell out of bed last night. (For the record, that's never happened before)

Where was I (Brownie) when that happened?

You and daddy were snoring on his side of the bed.

Anyway, I got scared when I hit the floor. The thump woke mommy up & she was scared too. She called out my name to make sure I was alright. I was ok, just startled and a little embarrassed. So I quickly jumped back up on the bed. And found a nice safe spot towards the middle…away from the edge...but still close to mommy.

I (Brown) don't snore.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dancing with Our Mommy

Today mommy & daddy had guests come visit from San Francisco. There was a mommy and her two little kids. We wanted to play with them, but we were a little too excited, so instead we went upstairs and rested for awhile.

After they left, daddy took Kate & Emma to a movie and mommy brought us downstairs and feed us lunch. We like eating with mommy.

Once we were all done mommy put the dishes in the sink. Normally she washes them right away, but today she let them sit & instead she opened the new CD that the guests brought for us. She was very excited because she said it was Barry Manilow singing The Greatest Songs of the Sixties. Mommy told us she was born in the 60s. But daddy was born in the 50s. We don’t really understand that.

Anyway, she said she remembered her mommy, our grandma, singing these songs when she was little like us. And, just like we like to do with her, she used to dance with her mommy too.

Her daddy, our grandpa who’s in heaven, didn’t like to dance that much, just like our daddy doesn't. And just like our daddy does with us, he would take turns waltzing around the room with her and Aunt Jackie and Aunt Susie…it was before our Aunt Jonalyn was borned.

And then the music came on & I (Brown) got to go first. Mommy picked me up very carefully & held me nice and close as we began to dance. I like to give mommy kisses on the nose when we dance together, because I feel so special when she sings in my ear and we dance cheek to furry cheek.. It’s kind of like I’m on Dancing with The Stars (I think that Apolo is so cute!)

I (Rocco) vote for Lalia. But back to our dancing...I waited patiently until it was my turn. I looked up at mommy lovingly as she picked me up and twirled me around to a couple verses of “When I Fall in Love”. I lovvvvve my mommy no matter what we’re doing. But, I really, really love it when she picks me up…and I get so close I can sniff her neck. I mean, when we dance…its almost too much.

What a great CD; we love it. Thank you Trip & Elizabeth!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Good Day

We had a really good day today.

We barked at the garbage truck as it picked up our trash.
We barked at the 4 German Shepards & their walkers doing their daily exercise routine.
We barked at the recycle truck as it did its thing.
We barked at the cows that were REALLY close in the pasture across the street.
We barked at the hummingbirds that seem to have made our backyard their seasonal home.
Then we barked at the yard waste truck as it took our grass clippings.
We barked at the UPS guy that stopped at our door.
We barked at the kids walking home from school.
We barked at the mailman as he delivered our mail.
We barked at the wolves...but mommy quickly called us in.
And we barked, and barked, and barked at our new 'Arch Enemy' the evil black cat that moved in down the street.

It was a really good day.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not to Be Outdone By My Brother

This morning was my turn. I (Brownie) threw up on the comforter around 5:30.

Mommy put the blanket in the washing machine.

Twice in two days, she said.

We don't think she's very happy. And we don't think the lint screen will be as interesting this time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Lint Screen

Since Rocco got sick in the middle of the night, mommy washed & dried the bed comforter this morning.

Mommy follows the dryer rules and cleans out the lint screen before/after every use. This is what came out of the screen after drying the comforter.

btw, did we tell you mommy is allergic to dogs?

A Puking Puppy

We didn’t have a very good night last night. Mommy let us out one last time to go potty before we went to bed. Instead of potty, I (Brownie) sprinted to the far back corner of the yard. There I discovered something really interesting in the bushes under a tree. Mommy called & called me, but I was too busy to listen. Naturally, Rocco was already back in the house. When I finally did come, I was licking my chops. When mommy picked me up she told daddy that my breath smelled like a sweet cigar!

Daddy had fallen asleep on the couch, as usual, so he didn’t really hear what mommy was saying. But, she was worried that I might get sick like the time we had to stay in the hospital two nights….but that’s a story for another day.

When we go to bed, we like to sleep on either side of mommy’s legs and trap her in so she can’t move. She doesn’t really like it much, but what can she do? At about 3:30, mommy woke up to the sound of a pup getting ready to puke. To everyone’s surprise it was ROCCO, not me. He threw up right on the comforter. Daddy cleaned up the mess without even opening his eyes…we think he was sleep walking.

I (Rocco) had a little upset stomach….but I felt better after that….especially when mommy let me snuggle up nice & close to her the rest of the night.

I (Brown) was perfectly fine. Mommy says I have a cast iron stomach…whatever that means.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Evil Kitty

There was an evil cat that lived across the street from us in Vallejo. He was a big fat orange tabby that acted liked he owned the neighborhood. He would wander around the streets all day…only changing his rebel ways in the evening as he grew tired and hungry.

We loved to bark at that fat cat out our front window. We don’t think cats are particularly smart, but this one knew we couldn’t get to him no matter how much we wished we could or how much noise we made. He would meander across the street and sit on the sidewalk in front of our house just to tease us. It drove us crazy, especially Brownie. I would howl and growl and bark as loud as I could, but the evil cat wouldn’t budge until he became bored and felt he had tortured us enough. Then he would get up and slowly slink away like he didn’t have a care in the world.

Mommy knew how much we despised that cat. So one day she came home with a present for us: a STUFFED Evil Kitty toy for us to chase and chew and rip apart.

That was five cats ago. You see, once my instincts kick in, I (Brownie) can’t stop myself. Sometimes I’ll start on a limb, other times I’ll goes straight for the squeaker ‘heart’. But every time I get one, I work it—licking, tugging, chewing, digging. And you know I won’t be satisfied until kitty parts are scattered about.

All I got was a leg

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

We don't know what the big deal is about today, but we're standing guard just in case.

I (Rocco) threw up this morning. I was outside eating grass earlier. But that can't be it, can it?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mommy's Flower Garden

It's Springtime & the flowers are blooming in our big backyard in the country. Mommy was busy outside this weekend pulling weeds, replacing rocks and planting flowers. She loves gardening. She says its therapeutic...whatever that means.

She spent a lot of time in the flower garden on the side of the house. Normally we're not allowed in, but she let's us when she's working there. What a treat! We love sniffing & exploring & hiding behide the roses. Daddy doesn't like that garden. He wants to cut down all the pretty bushes that smell so good. Especially the ones with the thorns. He's afraid we're going to get hurt.

Mommy says daddy is a worry wart.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Dinner

Today is Easter. Something about a bunny & eggs...but we don't really understand it all. What we do understand is that mommy is very busy cooking something special. She is scurrying around the kitchen peeling and cutting and steaming and cooking. It smells sooo good. We hope…we KNOW daddy will share HIS dinner with us. He always does. As soon as he sits down, we run and sit on either side of him. We look up at him with our big brown puppy dog eyes & our tails wagging wildly. Mommy doesn’t like us to ‘beg’ at the table. She never feeds us from there…although she’s the one that keeps our food and water bowls clean and full. Today’s menu is smoked turkey breast and Kielbasa. Mommy really doesn’t want daddy to give us the sausage…but daddy doesn’t listen to her (as usual)…he says it’s a special day…and will only give us a little taste. We’re sooo glad cuz it is delicious!

Oh boy, later this evening we were feeling the effects! Both of us were in serious food comas….barely able to move or keep our eyes open. We didn’t even budge when mommy called us. She was a little scared that daddy poisoned us with that spicy treat. And then came the real after effects…we both started tooting. We didn’t mind because we felt better…but everyone else was complaining. We wonder if daddy will listen to mommy next time.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mommy's Dog Food

Mommy has been making us the most delicious meals of chicken, rice & carrots. We can not get enough of it. We gobble it up, forgetting all about our table manners.

Daddy said maybe mommy should go in the dog food business.

We think she should just concentrate on the Rocco & Brownie dog food business.