Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Problem with The City

We have a lot of fun in the city.

We love sitting on the window seat for hours 'people watching' and 'dog watching' and sporadically barking at whomever we feel like as they hurry down California Street.

And we love spending time with our Aunt Susie. She's the best. She plays fetch with us until WE get tired. And she snuggles with us by the fireplace. And last night we cuddled with her all night long. She even let me (Brownie) slip under the covers. (But don’t tell mom.) We slept so soundly we didn’t wake up until after 7 o'clock!

But here’s the problem with the city. Once we wake up. We need to go potty.

When we’re in the country it’s easy. Once the patio door opens we just run out into our big backyard, pick a spot at our leisure, and go potty on the nicely manicured lawn. No problem.

In the city, it’s different…very different; and rather difficult. Its noisy, and dirty, and not a lot of grass anywhere to be found. Worst of all: We’re on leases & expected to perform on command. Unfortunately, we’re not always successful, especially with number two.

I (Rocco) don’t like it, and it’s not easy, but I can do it, if I HAVE to. End of conversation.

I (Brownie) HATE IT. I get performance anxiety & am constipated the entire time.
I prefer to poo in my own place. I guess I take after my momma.

So. As soon as I’m back in the country, and that patio door opens…

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