Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dancing with Our Mommy

Today mommy & daddy had guests come visit from San Francisco. There was a mommy and her two little kids. We wanted to play with them, but we were a little too excited, so instead we went upstairs and rested for awhile.

After they left, daddy took Kate & Emma to a movie and mommy brought us downstairs and feed us lunch. We like eating with mommy.

Once we were all done mommy put the dishes in the sink. Normally she washes them right away, but today she let them sit & instead she opened the new CD that the guests brought for us. She was very excited because she said it was Barry Manilow singing The Greatest Songs of the Sixties. Mommy told us she was born in the 60s. But daddy was born in the 50s. We don’t really understand that.

Anyway, she said she remembered her mommy, our grandma, singing these songs when she was little like us. And, just like we like to do with her, she used to dance with her mommy too.

Her daddy, our grandpa who’s in heaven, didn’t like to dance that much, just like our daddy doesn't. And just like our daddy does with us, he would take turns waltzing around the room with her and Aunt Jackie and Aunt Susie…it was before our Aunt Jonalyn was borned.

And then the music came on & I (Brown) got to go first. Mommy picked me up very carefully & held me nice and close as we began to dance. I like to give mommy kisses on the nose when we dance together, because I feel so special when she sings in my ear and we dance cheek to furry cheek.. It’s kind of like I’m on Dancing with The Stars (I think that Apolo is so cute!)

I (Rocco) vote for Lalia. But back to our dancing...I waited patiently until it was my turn. I looked up at mommy lovingly as she picked me up and twirled me around to a couple verses of “When I Fall in Love”. I lovvvvve my mommy no matter what we’re doing. But, I really, really love it when she picks me up…and I get so close I can sniff her neck. I mean, when we dance…its almost too much.

What a great CD; we love it. Thank you Trip & Elizabeth!

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