Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Mom the Good Cook

Our mommy likes to cook. She cooks dinner for daddy almost every night. Daddy says she should open a restaurant. And that makes mommy smile.

Last night she made ground turkey lasagna. She told daddy it was her grandma’s recipe. It smelled sooo good cooking in the oven. We couldn’t wait for them to sit down at the table to eat. As usual we sat on the floor on either side of daddy & waited.

Then mommy reminded daddy that we can’t have tomatoes because they aren’t good for pups. We were so disappointed…we couldn’t believe our luck.

But then, we saw mommy bring over two of our bowls to the table. She told daddy she had saved some of the cooked turkey for us & added a little cheese to it. We were licking our chops & wagging our tails. We knew it was going to be delicious. And it was!

Our mommy is the best cook in the whole world!

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