Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gobble Gobble

We’re so happy to be hanging out together as a family in Fairfield.

As usual, after dinner, Rocco snuggled up next to mommy in the leather chair. And just as usual, I (Brownie) wanted to play fetch. Being a ‘multitasking’ mommy, she was able to play fetch with me and the mean purple kitty, while making Rocco feel like the only dog on earth.

We were having a great time playing fetch with the stuffed kitty...I (Brown) was getting really excited running…fetching…and running back to mommy.

Once. Twice. Three Times. Four. I (Rocco) lost count of the back and forth chaos.

Then mommy stopped. “Wait!” she said. Then she asked daddy if he saw a leg anywhere on the floor. “No” he said.

“Well, we’re missing a leg!” she barked. “It was just here a minute ago. It was hanging by a thread, but it was here.” Mommy got up and did a quick search of the house. Nothing.
Then she looked at me and asked “Brownie: Where’s the kitty’s leg?”

All I (Brown) could do was look up at her like The Cat that Ate the Canary. “How could she?” mommy asked daddy. “This one STILL had the stuffing in it!”

Shaking his head in disgust, all daddy could say was “Oh Brown...”

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We're Bored

We miss our regular routine and our mommy.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Food

Momma went out “to run errands”. She has a hard time sitting still. She found a new pet store just a few blocks from the condo, where she went looking for a brush to help curb Brownie’s shedding.

The lady that worked there told mommy “She shouldn’t be shedding as you describe.” And after a few food related questions she determined “She needs more Omega 3 in her diet.”

‘Who knew’ mommy thought.

The lady added “There are better dog foods then what you’re feeding your puppies.”

‘I’m a bad mother!’ mommy thought. But she listened attentively to the lady as she handed mommy samples for her to bring home for us to try.

When mommy got back to the condo she explained what the store clerk had said about shedding and Omega 3. Daddy commented that maybe mommy should try some of that new food (You see, mommy is a shedder too.) Aunt Susie, who had come to visit, just chuckled.

Mommy gave daddy 'a look' as she mixed the new food samples in with our regular food so it wouldn't upset our tummies.

Then she put the bowls on the floor and stood back. Daddy and Aunt Susie looked on.
We moved in to see what was up…and immediately sensed something different….and delicious!

“It was like a treasure hunt!” cried Rocco.
“Yeah, I’m not known for being a picky eater”, said Brown, “but no more ‘Euk’ for me”, as I singled out the new pyramid shaped nuggets and left the others.

When we finally finished chowing down, momma, daddy & Aunt Susie couldn't believe their eyes. All the pyramids were gone leaving only round bits and pieces scattered around.

We don’t know that lady from the pet store, but she must be an angel on earth!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Road Trip

Tonight we're heading into the city with daddy to see mommy.

We can't wait. We miss our mommy.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rocco Joins in the Fun

This morning I (Brownie) woke up at 4:00am. I rolled over and quietly nudged Rocco awake. After good long stretches in unison, we walked over on daddy to wake him up. We licked his nose and face and head. He tried to ignore us, but we were persistent.

So after groaning and moaning and barking at mommy for the time...he begrudgingly asked us if we wanted to go potty.

We wagged our tails swiftly as we excitedly moved towards the door. Just as daddy was half way down the hall, we turned around and jetted back into bed, snuggled up to momma & pretended we were fast asleep.

It’s so fun teasing daddy.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Joke is on Daddy

I (Brownie) have a petite bladder. So I tend to wake daddy up rather early for him to let me out to go potty in the morning. Sometimes its 5:00, other times its 5:30ish, still other times, if I’m nice, it’s after 6. But regardless of the time, I wake him up the same way. I walk right up on top of him and proceed to kiss him on the nose until he wakes up. He always responses the same way--with a smile and the question “Want to go potty?” He’s such a cute daddy.

Rocco & I (Brownie) thought it would be funny to play a joke on daddy this morning.

I started the regular ritual by climbing over him & giving him kisses, but it was super extra early. We both watched as daddy turned over…reached for his glasses and put them on. He groaned and in a grumpy voice asked mommy what time it was. She said: 4:16. He groaned again as he slowly got out of bed and stumbled towards the door. I follow him off the bed and towards the hall…but I stopped suddenly in the doorway. Daddy was already down the hall when he realized I wasn’t behind him. He turned and said: “Come on Brown. Let’s go potty” as he started down the steps. Instead of running after him like usual, I turned around, climbed back in bed and settled in with a heavy sigh.

It took daddy a minute to realize I didn't need to go out. Then he staggered back into the room, took his glasses off and fell back into bed.

Rocco and I laughed quietly. We think we heard mommy snicker too.
It’s so fun (and easy) to play jokes on daddy.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Picture (or Five) Paints 1,000 Words

Daddy and I (Brownie) haven't had fun with the hose in a reallllllllllllly long time.

Rocco is hiding in the house somewhere.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Jalen Puppy Sits

This morning mommy got dressed up for a 'meeting' at a company here in San Francisco. Jalen stayed with us in the condo to puppy sit. She did a really good job of taking care of us and keeping us calm and relaxed.

We think she should be a professional dog sitter when she grows up.
We would write a really good reference for her.