Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Food

Momma went out “to run errands”. She has a hard time sitting still. She found a new pet store just a few blocks from the condo, where she went looking for a brush to help curb Brownie’s shedding.

The lady that worked there told mommy “She shouldn’t be shedding as you describe.” And after a few food related questions she determined “She needs more Omega 3 in her diet.”

‘Who knew’ mommy thought.

The lady added “There are better dog foods then what you’re feeding your puppies.”

‘I’m a bad mother!’ mommy thought. But she listened attentively to the lady as she handed mommy samples for her to bring home for us to try.

When mommy got back to the condo she explained what the store clerk had said about shedding and Omega 3. Daddy commented that maybe mommy should try some of that new food (You see, mommy is a shedder too.) Aunt Susie, who had come to visit, just chuckled.

Mommy gave daddy 'a look' as she mixed the new food samples in with our regular food so it wouldn't upset our tummies.

Then she put the bowls on the floor and stood back. Daddy and Aunt Susie looked on.
We moved in to see what was up…and immediately sensed something different….and delicious!

“It was like a treasure hunt!” cried Rocco.
“Yeah, I’m not known for being a picky eater”, said Brown, “but no more ‘Euk’ for me”, as I singled out the new pyramid shaped nuggets and left the others.

When we finally finished chowing down, momma, daddy & Aunt Susie couldn't believe their eyes. All the pyramids were gone leaving only round bits and pieces scattered around.

We don’t know that lady from the pet store, but she must be an angel on earth!

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