Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gobble Gobble

We’re so happy to be hanging out together as a family in Fairfield.

As usual, after dinner, Rocco snuggled up next to mommy in the leather chair. And just as usual, I (Brownie) wanted to play fetch. Being a ‘multitasking’ mommy, she was able to play fetch with me and the mean purple kitty, while making Rocco feel like the only dog on earth.

We were having a great time playing fetch with the stuffed kitty...I (Brown) was getting really excited running…fetching…and running back to mommy.

Once. Twice. Three Times. Four. I (Rocco) lost count of the back and forth chaos.

Then mommy stopped. “Wait!” she said. Then she asked daddy if he saw a leg anywhere on the floor. “No” he said.

“Well, we’re missing a leg!” she barked. “It was just here a minute ago. It was hanging by a thread, but it was here.” Mommy got up and did a quick search of the house. Nothing.
Then she looked at me and asked “Brownie: Where’s the kitty’s leg?”

All I (Brown) could do was look up at her like The Cat that Ate the Canary. “How could she?” mommy asked daddy. “This one STILL had the stuffing in it!”

Shaking his head in disgust, all daddy could say was “Oh Brown...”

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