Friday, March 30, 2007

Pet Food Scare 2

Today mommy went through all our treats to check for that yucky wheat gluten. She found one unopened bag containing it & immediately threw it in the trash.

And then she checked the Eukanuba website for an update on our dog food

She learned our food is still safe. But she is worried for how long. Daddy said maybe we should be eating people food until this clears up.

Mommy agreed.

So do we. We like people food.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Crazy Robin

Earlier this month we would be visited by FLOCKS of Robins…usually in the morning. Mommy said Robins are a sign of Spring, but she never saw anything like this before. Thirty or forty of the birds would land in our backyard at once. They would be everywhere! We’d even hear them up the chimney on the roof. It really drove us nuts, especially Brownie. She would run out back to try and catch them, but would only chase them away. I’d follow her so I didn’t miss anything. It was an exciting couple of weeks.

But alas they all flew away. Except one crazy Robin…and we do mean crazy! Apparently she has fallen in love with her own reflection in our second story dining room picture window. Early one morning last week, we heard this strange tapping…knocking really. Mommy went upstairs and discovered a Robin sitting on the window ledge and watched as she jumped up & pecked at the window. She scared her away, but the same bird has come back every morning and every afternoon since. She doesn’t bother me (Brownie), but she’s become Rocco’s #1 nemesis. He would lie on the cat walk at the top of the stairs and stare over the open dining room at the big window…just waiting for the Robin to appear. Daddy & mommy were worried that he might try & jump at the window to scare the bird away, forgetting about the open dining room below. So mommy put blankets over the banisters so he couldn’t see the window any longer. It worked, he no longer waits upstairs, but he still barks when he hears her pecking!

Mommy FINAL got a picture of CRAZY Miss Robin Red Breast.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Daddy Strikes Again. This Time with Scissors

Every once in awhile daddy gets set on doing something and there is NO stopping him. All of mommy's logic, pleading and threatening simply won't talk him out of it.

Such is the case yesterday. He decided I (Rocco) needed a back door ‘trim’ again. Lordy, I was scared. I remember too well what happened the last time he attempted to play groomer (See 2/24 for details).

This time he grabbed the scissors. The next few minutes were a blur. Then I remember hearing mommy scolding daddy again. Luckily no ‘physical’ damage was done. However, mommy said the haircut he gave me, reminded her of the time our cousin Meaghan chopped her American Girl doll’s hair off. She was 4 at the time.

We now have a ‘beauty appointment’ on Saturday at a fancy doggy salon in the city. Mommy made sure to tell the groomer that the handy work she’d be correcting was our daddy’s, not hers.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pet Food Scare

Mommy has been watching the news very carefully about the pet food recall. She & daddy are both worried because the list of brands keeps growing. Although its just wet food is that is contaminated, and we only get dry dog food, mommy is still concerned and is checking the internet,, regularly for updates.

We all feel very, very sad for the doggies that got sick from the yucky food.

And the kitties too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baking Cookies

We’re excited this morning. It’s Tuesday and that means our friend Terry is coming to visit…and bringing us cookies, of course. He kind of reminds us of a grandpa. You know, the way grandparents always bring special treats that parents don’t normally give their kids.

He is such a nice man. We really like him & he really likes us too. Last week I (Rocco) even gave him a couple thank you kisses. I (Brown) ALWAYS give him thank you kisses. It’s the polite thing to do.

Anyway, we’re especially excited today because mommy helped us bake chocolate chip cookies for Terry. We figured that he always brings us cookies, wouldn’t it be nice to give him some…the people kind of course. Mommy said that saying thank you is very important, but it’s extra special when you show people you appreciate them.

Terry was surprised when we gave him the cookies. He said chocolate chip are his favorite and he thanked us. Then he gave us three doggy cookies each!

We made Terry happy today. And that made us happy too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's the Magic Word? Venga!

When people talk about “the magic word” they mean “please”. When we talk about the magic word, we mean “Venga”. It makes our mouth water just thinking about it.

Mommy had a trainer come to our house because we don’t always listen when we’re called.

Yeah. One time daddy had to chase us down the street because we were running after a squirrel. He yelled our names, but we didn’t listen. We just kept running, we were so focused on that darn squirrel. When he did catch up to us he was out of breath. And rather angry. The squirrel was up in a tree. So we weren’t very happy either.

Anyway, this trainer told mommy we needed a special word. A word that would only be used in the case of an emergency (like the squirrel incident, we guess). A word that would stop us in our tracks, no matter what we are doing or chasing or barking at, and get us to come running. Mommy told daddy ‘venga’ would be the perfect word. It means the command ‘come’ in Spanish. Daddy agreed.

When we hear the word ‘Venga’, it is like music to our ears. We know when we come, it means that we will get the most tantalizing of culinary delights. One that is soft and creamy and melts in our mouthes. A rich savory flavor that’s intensity is matched only by it's deep pungent aroma. What is this delicacy you ask? We’re not sure what its called…we can’t read, remember. But it comes in a petite glass jar with a silver lid and has a picture of a cute little baby on it. Rocco took this picture.

¡Muy delicioso!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rasta Dog No More

Mommy worked on that tangled mess of a knot for two days to no avail.

I (Rocco) know she was trying to be gentle, but it still hurt. And I was getting VERY tired of her pulling and tugging.

Finally daddy came over and cut it out.

Here’s a picture of it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Rocco the Rasta Dog

Papillon means "butterfly" in French. The fringed ears are supposed to resemble a butterfly. But this long hair requires frequent brushing to prevent tangling.

Like a lot of kids with long hair, I (Rocco) don’t always let my mommy brush it. Or if I do, I pull away when she finds a little knot. And sometimes mommy forgets to brush me. She is very busy.

Left untouched for even a few days could mean BIG trouble, particularly in the problem zone below and behind my ears.

Last night when I was relaxing on mommy’s lap, she discovered it--a baby dreadlock dangling from my ear. I had tried to hide it from her, but she was too quick.

She gasped. And then yelled to daddy to bring her THE COMB. I hate the comb.

The comb just tickles me (Brownie). But remember we're not allowed to say the word "hate".

You just said it too. And that's because your hair is too short to get a knot.

Daddy took this picture. Can you see the light tan offender peeking out from under my right ear?

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Typical Night Until...

Tonight we were relaxing in the family room after dinner. Mommy and daddy were watching American Idol on TV.
Rocco was in the chair with mommy snuggled up as usual. Daddy was stretched out on the couch with his regular five pillows propped up behind him.

I was curled up in my bed in front of the nice warm fire.

A commercial came on the TV. Mommy turned her attention to me all nice & cozy and then said to daddy “I think that reduced fat food is working. It looks like Brownie has lost some weight.” Daddy looked over at me and said “I think you’re right.”

Then Ryan Seacrest came back on. And that was that.

Like a typical kid, I acted like I didn’t hear them, but inside I was smiling 'from ear to ear'.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Wolves

Mommy is very worried. She’s talking to daddy & he sounds worried too. She said she discovered that there are WOLVES on the other side of the fence. We guess she mean the fence in the backyard. The one we run along…back and forth…barking like crazy….when we sense the ‘animals’ on the other side. Those ‘animals’ must be the wolves she’s talking about.

She’s worried because the “magic word”, which usually gets us to stop in our tracks, doesn’t even work when the wolves are out. And I’ve (Brownie) found a couple places in the fence where the boards have shifted ever so slightly, so I can actually SEE the wolves, not just smell them. I scratch at that fence like crazy trying to get at them. Those wolves drive us NUTS!

Daddy went upstairs and looked out the window. HOLY $ht !! he yells. He said we’d be just a morsel for them. A little SNACK! He said we wouldn’t be barking like that if we knew what was over there. Mommy says ‘That’s it. We do not want a puppy tragedy. The fence MUST be fixed.’ She’s calling some places on Monday, she says.

Whatever. They don't look that tough to us.