Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Crazy Robin

Earlier this month we would be visited by FLOCKS of Robins…usually in the morning. Mommy said Robins are a sign of Spring, but she never saw anything like this before. Thirty or forty of the birds would land in our backyard at once. They would be everywhere! We’d even hear them up the chimney on the roof. It really drove us nuts, especially Brownie. She would run out back to try and catch them, but would only chase them away. I’d follow her so I didn’t miss anything. It was an exciting couple of weeks.

But alas they all flew away. Except one crazy Robin…and we do mean crazy! Apparently she has fallen in love with her own reflection in our second story dining room picture window. Early one morning last week, we heard this strange tapping…knocking really. Mommy went upstairs and discovered a Robin sitting on the window ledge and watched as she jumped up & pecked at the window. She scared her away, but the same bird has come back every morning and every afternoon since. She doesn’t bother me (Brownie), but she’s become Rocco’s #1 nemesis. He would lie on the cat walk at the top of the stairs and stare over the open dining room at the big window…just waiting for the Robin to appear. Daddy & mommy were worried that he might try & jump at the window to scare the bird away, forgetting about the open dining room below. So mommy put blankets over the banisters so he couldn’t see the window any longer. It worked, he no longer waits upstairs, but he still barks when he hears her pecking!

Mommy FINAL got a picture of CRAZY Miss Robin Red Breast.

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