Monday, March 26, 2007

Daddy Strikes Again. This Time with Scissors

Every once in awhile daddy gets set on doing something and there is NO stopping him. All of mommy's logic, pleading and threatening simply won't talk him out of it.

Such is the case yesterday. He decided I (Rocco) needed a back door ‘trim’ again. Lordy, I was scared. I remember too well what happened the last time he attempted to play groomer (See 2/24 for details).

This time he grabbed the scissors. The next few minutes were a blur. Then I remember hearing mommy scolding daddy again. Luckily no ‘physical’ damage was done. However, mommy said the haircut he gave me, reminded her of the time our cousin Meaghan chopped her American Girl doll’s hair off. She was 4 at the time.

We now have a ‘beauty appointment’ on Saturday at a fancy doggy salon in the city. Mommy made sure to tell the groomer that the handy work she’d be correcting was our daddy’s, not hers.

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