Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Wolves

Mommy is very worried. She’s talking to daddy & he sounds worried too. She said she discovered that there are WOLVES on the other side of the fence. We guess she mean the fence in the backyard. The one we run along…back and forth…barking like crazy….when we sense the ‘animals’ on the other side. Those ‘animals’ must be the wolves she’s talking about.

She’s worried because the “magic word”, which usually gets us to stop in our tracks, doesn’t even work when the wolves are out. And I’ve (Brownie) found a couple places in the fence where the boards have shifted ever so slightly, so I can actually SEE the wolves, not just smell them. I scratch at that fence like crazy trying to get at them. Those wolves drive us NUTS!

Daddy went upstairs and looked out the window. HOLY $ht !! he yells. He said we’d be just a morsel for them. A little SNACK! He said we wouldn’t be barking like that if we knew what was over there. Mommy says ‘That’s it. We do not want a puppy tragedy. The fence MUST be fixed.’ She’s calling some places on Monday, she says.

Whatever. They don't look that tough to us.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness little ones... Those boys do NOT want to be friends!!!