Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Psychic Dogs

Mommy and daddy think we are psychic dogs. No. Not PsYCHo. PSYCHIC.
The reason is that we can ‘predict’ when Regis Philbin will be on “Live with Regis & Kelly”.

Now, you’re probably saying: duhhh. "Regis & Kelly”. Of course Regis will be on. But many times, a guest host will sit in for him. For example, I (Brownie) like when that cute Mark Consuelos or super cute Mario Lopez co-host with Kelly.

I (Rocco) just concentrate on Kelly. H-O-T.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering how we predict if Regis will be hosting. If the big man will be on that day, we start chasing each other around the bedrooms about 5-10 minutes before the show comes on. If we don’t run around like wild animals, a guest host will be on that day. Our success rate is right around 91%.

We honestly don’t know why we do it. We just do.

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