Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Our Neighbors are COWS!

We first realized there were cows in our new neighborhood in "the country" (that's what we call Fairfield) in November of last year. We were out in the backyard playing with mommy when we saw these strange creatures on the hill. Naturally we started going nuts! Mommy didn't know what was going on until she heard a couple very loud MOOOOs.

We both lovvvvve to look out the window and bark at our neighbors, "The Cows". Sometimes they’re across the street in front of the house, other times they’re on the hills out back. No matter where they are, we'll find them and let you know they're there. I (Rooco) get bored with them after a couple minutes, but Brownie will take the game to another level. She will howl and growl and whimper mercilessly, for what seems like hours. I tell you she could shatter glass when she starts going. Sometimes mommy calls Aunt Susie on the phone just so she can ‘enjoy’ Brownie’s battle cry too. No one knows what she'd do if she ever got up close to one.

But, I'd (Brownie) love to show 'em! One day daddy thought it would be fun to take me in the car to where the cows were very close to the street. Not only did I go into my ear piercing routine, I also started shaking I was sooo excited. I wanted to get out of the car so badly and run into the pasture and scare those cows away, but daddy was afraid they'd kick me like a football.

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