Saturday, February 24, 2007

Daddy Wounds Rocco

Mommy has accomplished a lot since moving to the country. In addition to setting up the house, she’s found a new dry cleaner that does daddy’s shirts the way he likes them. She’s discovered a specialty grocery market with incredible cheeses and the freshest fish. She’s taken us to visit a nice new vet…twice. But she hasn’t found a dog groomer close by yet. We don’t like groomers, so that doesn’t bother us at all.

And although daddy & mommy like my (Rocco) hair long, like a Papillon’s should be; they like it long everywhere but my ‘back door’. Unfortunately, I had an ‘issue’ after a potty break earlier today that required more than a couple doggy wipes.

Daddy got the trimmer and called Kate for assistance. Into the torture chamber the three of us went. Kate held my tail up as daddy commenced with the trimming. Mommy refuses to take part in these activities.

I was trying to hold as still as I possibly could, but that buzzing noise is scary. Next thing I know, daddy got a little too close and nicked my pooper. I wailed in pain. Kate let go of my tail. Mommy ran into the room, and daddy cried out: I wounded Rocco!

As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, mommy told daddy he has to apply Neosporin to the injury until it healed.

And then she said, "daddy is not allowed to groom Rocco anymore".

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