Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Dinner

Today is Easter. Something about a bunny & eggs...but we don't really understand it all. What we do understand is that mommy is very busy cooking something special. She is scurrying around the kitchen peeling and cutting and steaming and cooking. It smells sooo good. We hope…we KNOW daddy will share HIS dinner with us. He always does. As soon as he sits down, we run and sit on either side of him. We look up at him with our big brown puppy dog eyes & our tails wagging wildly. Mommy doesn’t like us to ‘beg’ at the table. She never feeds us from there…although she’s the one that keeps our food and water bowls clean and full. Today’s menu is smoked turkey breast and Kielbasa. Mommy really doesn’t want daddy to give us the sausage…but daddy doesn’t listen to her (as usual)…he says it’s a special day…and will only give us a little taste. We’re sooo glad cuz it is delicious!

Oh boy, later this evening we were feeling the effects! Both of us were in serious food comas….barely able to move or keep our eyes open. We didn’t even budge when mommy called us. She was a little scared that daddy poisoned us with that spicy treat. And then came the real after effects…we both started tooting. We didn’t mind because we felt better…but everyone else was complaining. We wonder if daddy will listen to mommy next time.

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