Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Lint Screen

Since Rocco got sick in the middle of the night, mommy washed & dried the bed comforter this morning.

Mommy follows the dryer rules and cleans out the lint screen before/after every use. This is what came out of the screen after drying the comforter.

btw, did we tell you mommy is allergic to dogs?


Anonymous said...

Really glad to have had the 'coin comparrison'! That looks like something your cousin Boo hacks up almost daily... (after I dry it out and then separate it.)

Rocco & Brownie Atterbury said...

The coin was Rocco's idea. He's glad you liked it.

Though we have never met Boo, we're sure we'd like him. Especially if he leaves you presents around the house!