Sunday, May 13, 2007

A really Happy Mother's Day!

Our mommy had a great day today.

She smiled really big when she saw the pretty pink roses we picked for her. She told us she loved our card and then she squealed when she learned about her special spa day. Mommy pampers us and daddy all the time, so we thought she deserved some pampering herself. She gave us each a big kiss and lots of ear rubs.

Then we all piled in the car for a drive to Aunt Jackie’s house to surprise her and to meet our new cousin Lester. Mommy explained that Mother’s Day is a special day for grandmas and aunts too. We have not been to visit at their house in a long, long time. And when we heard our Aunt Susie was going to be there too, we got doubly excited.

Aunt Jackie was REALLLY surprised and REALLLY happy to see us. Aunt Susie was very happy too!

When we met Lester we gave him a ‘welcome to the family’ present—a SUPER Big Mean PURPLE Kitty! And even though we barked and growled at him a bit, he was really nice to us. He even let us play with his toys and drink out of his water bowl. He’s a good sharer.

And we were glad to see our Uncle Scott and to play with our other cousins Brynne and Meaghan. We were especially excited we got to play with Meaghan. She used to be afraid of us….but not anymore! She petted us and fed us treats and she even let me (Brownie) give her a kiss on her freckled nose.

It was a really great day for all of us!

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