Wednesday, May 30, 2007

GOOD NEWS--Jalen is Here!

H U R R A Y !!! Our cousin Jalen is here!

This morning when mommy put us in the car, we didn't know where we were going or what was in store.

We drove awhile and when the car stopped Jalen got in. We had no idea she was coming to visit. We hadn't seen her for almost six months, but, of course we remembered her right away!

We were so excited to see her; we played together all afternoon!

We posed. She snapped pictures.

We played fetch & tug-of-war. She gave us rubs & hugs & kisses. We gave her lots of kisses back. And she gave us lots of yummy treats!

We didn't even get mad when she tried brushing our teeth with that AWFUL beef flavored tooth paste. (It was mommy's idea) Yucky.

And then after a long day of fun, we relaxed with her on the couch.

The cows may be gone, but Jalen is here.
And that makes it a happy time in Fairfield!

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