Monday, May 7, 2007

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Mommy likes to make sure daddy has a healthy breakfast to start the work day. His favorite is granola, with fruit & yogurt, juice and coffee.

It’s our favorite too because daddy always gives us a taste. He’s a good sharer.

Recently mommy has been preparing ‘breakfast’ for us at the same time she’s making daddy’s. This way she knows he’s giving us equal size portions. Mommy is really into fairness among siblings. We think her mommy was probably the same way.

We have to wait until daddy is ready to eat, but when he is, he always feeds us first. We get wound up and our mouths start watering as soon as he goes to the kitchen counter. Some days we get a small slice of delicious banana, other times we’ll get a couple licks of rich creamy Greek yogurt. But everyday we get yummy, crunchy granola! Mommy says its lowfat, and that’s good for all of us.

Daddy loves feeding us breakfast. But he has to be careful with me (Brown). I get so eager & am so fast, I’ve been known to mistake a finger for the food. Sometimes he’ll hold it just out of my reach so I have to really stretch for it.

Daddy starts out with the smallest pieces and works up to the “big payoff”, as he calls it. A nice sized nugget of whole grain rolled oats & wheat, puffed rice, and corn flakes all held together with honey & molasses & other good stuff. Tasty!

He is a really good daddy. Really good.

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