Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's All in My Head?

Today we came into the city with mommy & Jalen to stay at the condo. Although I (Rocco) would rather be in the country, I'll go wherever momma goes. I love my momma sooooo much.

I(Brownie) can't explain it, but I’m starting to get anxious when I’m in the condo. I start to tremor…almost uncontrollably. Maybe I’m afraid that mommy is going to leave me there. Or maybe it’s the anxiety of havin to go potty “on command”. (I’d much rather go when I want to in our big backyard in Fairfield.) Or maybe it’s just the chill and noise of the city.

Whatever it is, it got mommy scared today. So she called our vet and after explaining my behavior, was told it was probably psychological. Psychological? You mean it’s all in my head?!?

All I know is I just like the attention it gets me.

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