Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

It’s no longer a new kitty.

And in case you were wondering who did it…

It was me (Brownie). See, this morning daddy and I were playing fetch with the 'new' kitty. Daddy was trying to work out, but I wanted to play. Rocco wanted to play too, but I wouldn’t let him near the YELLOW Awful Mad Kitty. I decided it was mine & only mine. …It sort of turned into a “keep away from Rocco” game.

That’s not nice. I (Rocco) always share. Mommy taught us that sharing is good.

Mommy felt sorry for me (Rocco) because you were being mean. So we played fetch AND tug of war with a different toy.

I (Brownie) admit I was a little mean. But I get so focused I just can’t help myself.

And this morning I (Brown) was SUPER focused. Usually I savor the gutting. I’ll take the kitty apart limb by limb, playing fetch and working on it for number of days before I go in for ‘the slay’. But this time I went straight for the heart…the squeaker. Before I knew it, it was over. Stuffing was everywhere. The squeaker was removed in one piece. And I was done.

Anyway, I’m sorry Rocco. You can play with the lifeless Yellow Awful Mad Kitty all you want now.

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