Saturday, August 30, 2008

We don't like the new bed

We have a new bed in the guest room…we don’t have a reason to go in there very often, unless we have family or friends stay over. We like when we have guests visit, especially our cousins or Grandma or Nico and his mommy & daddy…or Aunt Susie. When she sleeps over, she let’s me (Brownie) snuggle under the covers with her. I (Rocco) don’t like covers…even if it IS Aunt Susie…my fur is all I need to keep warm.

Momma was complaining that she couldn’t store anything under the first bed because it was too low. Now this new one is very tall & she can get all our extra supplies under there. She is very happy. But, it is so high, that I (Brownie) can’t jump up on it—I’m too scared I’ll fall. It IS really high—I (Rocco) jumped up but even I couldn’t make it, not even with my long legs. We’ll both be staying off that bed, unless, of course, we get a lift.

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