Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Rocco!

Today is Rocco’s fifth birthday.
I (Brownie) will be 5 in four days.
We’re having Rocco’s birthday dinner tonight.

Aunt Susie is coming to celebrate with us. Yeah!

But we will have to wait till this weekend to open our presents together. (We think momma has not yet gone shopping...so she's probably feeling guilty...we like 'guity gifts'.)

It’s a family tradition that we get to pick what we want for dinner on our birthday. Gramma Rita started this when mommy was a little girl.
Rocco picked Thai food. It’s his favorite. And we all agree Modern Thai on Polk Street is the best in SF.

Mommy makes sure to order enough steamed rice and “plain steamed chicken for the kids” when she calls. ...We think we would like Thailand.

Hurray Dinnertime!

I have a foamy rice mustache AND a grain of rice that I can't get to on my right 'cheek'.

Brownie: “Hey Rocco.”
Rocco: “Yeah Brown?”
B: “What were you dreaming about at 4:32 this morning?”
R: “I don’t remember.”
B: “You woke Mommy & me up because you were talking in your sleep.”
R: “Don’t remember.”
B: “You were tucked in really close to daddy—half hidden under the comforter—with one paw raised over your ear…”
R: “Still not remembering.”
B: “Mommy guessed you were dreaming about the day you were born. I think you were dreaming about your bday dinner. Wonder if we’ll have cake…”
R: “I asked for an ice cream cake.”

Time to sing & then blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

D-LISH! Nothing better than a Doggie ice cream cake.

Hey, where's my (Brown's) piece?

Drats! Now I(Brown) have an ice cream headache!

What an awesome birthday!

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