Friday, August 29, 2008

Our City Doctor

Now that we live in the city fulltime, we need to get a new doctor here. Rocco: “Especially with all the gross stuff you want to eat off the sidewalk Brownie.”
Brown: “I’m just sampling what SF has to offer Rocco!”
Rocco: “Disgusting.”

Anyway, momma asked her stylist & friend Alix about Lola’s vet. Alix was very happy to recommend the Marina Pet Hospital on Lombard. Lola has been going there for years. Alix is picky, so momma trusts he’s judgment.

Mommy made the appointment, but made daddy take us. Mommy was afraid the doctor was going to weigh me (Brown) and scold her for feeding me too much...when its really daddy who gives us all the treats & people food.

Daddy liked Dr Melcon. She is very wise and was very gentle with us. But when she picked up Rocco to take take him to be examined, daddy heard her say: “Rocco, you’re a little chubby.”
Rocco: “THAT was humiliating!”
Brownie: "Daddy & I thought it was rather humorous."

Daddy couldn’t wait to get home and tell mommy. He smiled the whole way home.

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