Friday, March 20, 2015

Le Marcel Specialty Bakery for Dogs

Today mommy was walking home from an appointment on Union Street and discovered a very special place: Le Marcel Specialty Bakery for Dogs.   

She can't walk past any store that has anything to do with pups.  She had to stop and go inside. She was hopeful that she might find a new place to buy us a treat.     

She walked up the steps and found a very fancy bakery inside.  There was a lovely big counter, shiny professional ovens, a nice big ‘prep’ area and lots of extraordinary pastries, cakes and cookies of all shapes and sizes in glass cases. And more cookies on  displays on the counter in lovely wrapped packages.  It was so amazing that she needed to double-check that she was, in fact, in a "dog" bakery.  It was. And it was beautiful. 

As she gazed at all the remarkably delicious-looking goodies, she smiled because she knew she was in trouble.   

After 15 minutes in the bakery she sent daddy this picture with the text message “$20 later.”:

We were extra happen when she came home. She walked to the dining table, carefully opened the pretty green bag and gently removed the fancy wrapped goodies from inside to show daddy.

We like it when mommy takes walks.

Always remember:  Walking is great exercise! Get out and walk everyday.

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Unknown said...

Hi there, this is Whitney, I stupidly deleted the emails so I've lost your info. I wanted to let u know I've started your childrens' paintings- 11 x 14. If you could send me a pic of brownie like we discussed that would be great. The pics on the blog are too small when I save them to reference to. Thx!