Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Brownie Needs a Tissue

Last year, I (Brownie) developed an increasingly annoying ‘sinus congestion’ condition that resulted in me regularly ‘blow my nose’ to remove the ‘congestion’.  I won’t go into the slimy details, but being a dog, I don’t have hands to use a tissue…

Mommy was rather disgusted by this habit, but she was also concerned that something serious could be wrong.  Could I have something up in my nose that didn’t belong (like a pea in a human kid’s nose)?  She started to research my symptoms online and didn’t like what she found.    
So I went in to see Dr Rob and he suggested a specialist do a procedure to see what was happening in my nasal cavity via a tiny scope.  Mommy and daddy were very scared but agreed to the procedure.

I went in, went under, and was scoped.  And at the same time, Dr Rob did a quick cosmetic procedure to remove a little ‘beauty mark’ from my muzzle.
Mommy and daddy were relieved it wasn’t serious.  But the mystery continues. And unfortunately, so do the 'rockets'.  

The results of the scoping: Nothing.  All clear.

I say, if it works for Madison Bumgarner...

Always Remember: We all have annoying habits. Sometimes you just gotta accept them.

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