Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rocco Snags a Rose Bush

We were out back this morning making sure all was right with the world…well, at least in Fairfield.

All of a sudden something on the side yard got our attention. We needed to investigate.

Daddy opened the gate. I (Brown) was quickly on the scent. Up on the hill. Sniffing fearlessly between rose bush & rose bush. I was in my element.

I (Rocco) decided I'd better follow. Brown’s got the nose, but I’ve got the brains. I needed to keep her in check. I gracefully leaped up the hill. I carefully followed Brown’s 'pawsteps'…weaving in between the rose bushes.

And then I suddenly stopped. Reality check: I couldn't move. I was stuck. Hooked. Stranded.

My plumb of a tail was attached to a rose bush.
Drats. All I could do was plea to daddy for help.

How totally embarassing.

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