Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We have a sixth sense...but tonight at 8:04pm we didn't feel a thing.
A broom did fall in the garage...that caused us to bark. But that was it.

Earthquake ?

Granted we're in Fairfield...and the earthquake was centered in Alum Rock near San Jose. And when we learned THAT, we were worried about our cousins. But mommy is 'earthquake ready' and quickly went into action.

She called A. Jackie on her cell & when she finally got through and learned everyone was ok there...she hung up & called grandma and daddy & then txt'd A. Susie & A. Jonalyn, to spread the good news. phewww....

She knows a thing or two about a good communication strategy... After all, she IS in marketing.

She also asked daddy to let Nana Rosie & Pappa Rich know that all is ok here. And there was no need to worry. (MISTAKE)

Daddy needs to take a lesson in communication from momma...P R O N T O !

You don't send an email with a subject line "Earthquake!!!!" and no copy...unless you want to cause panic in the family tree.

Daddy. Daddy. Daddy...

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