Sunday, August 19, 2007

Travel Sundays

Lately Sunday has been a travel day. We spend the morning in Fairfield & then sometime in the afternoon, we load up the car for the long ride to SF.

“Its not that long Rocco”, said Brownie.

“Well it seems long to me (Rocco).”

“At least you’re not drooling uncontrollably and throwing up like you used to do.”

“Thank you for reminding me with that visual, Brownie.”

Anyway, today we all got into the car for the ride. But, when we got off the freeway, nothing looked familiar. We were definitely NOT in the San Francisco. I (Rocco) started getting nervous.
I (Brownie) was in a deep sleep dreaming about cows.

Daddy pulled into a parking lot. Mommy got out to “buy her ticket”. A minute later we were leased up & walking near the water.

Then mommy came over & gave us some good scratches and pets and she whispered to us that she asked at the counter but “no puppies are allowed on the ferry. No four-legged babies on the boat.”

After a couple more minutes of undivided attention, she gave us each one of her special ‘Mommy kisses’. Then she stood up, kissed daddy, & told us all she loved us and slowly turned and walked down the ramp and onto the Baylink Ferry.

As we walked away, we were all a little sad, including daddy. But then he said to us “Don’t worry pups. We’ll see momma on Wednesday.”

But, we know she’ll miss us sooner than that, and will call to talk to us tonight.
We love our momma.

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