Saturday, August 11, 2007


They're home! Back from their vacation.

They're back. The cows are back!

And we're SOOOOO happy!!!

Mommy & daddy spotted the cows on the hill this morning when they came back with their coffee. They couldn't wait to tell us.

They got our leashes and took us out for a walk.

We needed to welcome the cows 'back' after their long vacation.

We were very excited.

But, though we searched, we didn't see any familar faces...

Panda, Brown Bear, Mocha Loca...Where are you?

And we caused a stampeed when we ran to say hello.

Who are these cows?

And why did I (Rooco) risk getting burs, twigs & prickly underbrush tangled in my fur just to say hi to them?

I can not move.

Stuff is everywhere.

Help mommy!

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