Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our Friend Terry

Though we don’t really pay attention or even understand days of the week, Tuesday is our favorite. Why? Because Tuesday is the day our friend Terry comes to visit us.

We met Terry in October, soon after we moved to our new house. Of course Brownie was the welcoming committee that first day. She went right up to him & said ‘hi’ in her friendly, tail wagging way. I, (Rocco) of course, was much more reserved and suspicion. Why was he in our backyard? I am, afterall, the man of the house when daddy isn't home.

You say I’m overtly friendly, but I (Brownie) AM a good judge of character, don’t forget. I could tell from the first sniff of Terry’s boots and wrangler jeans that he was a good guy. But that wasn’t all. I looked up into his sun kissed face and his sparkling eyes and listened to his gruff yet soft voice. My female intuition told me he was a kind and gentle man. This opinion was solidified when he took that first cookie out of his pocket. It was then I knew I had a friend for life.

Naturally, it took me more time, and lots of cookies, to trust him. But I do now, and I even let him pet me.

When we see him out back, we get sooooo excited; we can’t wait to go say hi.
Mommy tells us to let Terry do his work. I (Brownie) thought his ‘work’ WAS to come and visit us.

Wrong. I (Rocco) know he’s here because of the pool…He brings a net, a vacuum and testing vials. Then he writes some numbers down on the log, remember?

Sort of, but all I (Brown) really know is that he has really good cookies.

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