Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Brownie Goes on a Diet

We had a lot of family visiting starting with Thanksgiving and continuing through Christmas. Consequently Rocco & I (Brown) got a lot of extra treats. Like almost everyone else, I put on a couple extra ‘holiday pounds’.

Mommy tried to tell everyone that that’s what we do in the winter to protect ourselves from the cold weather. Yes, it DOES get cold in Northern California in the winter!

Finally, mommy got tired of all the comments about my weight…so today she told daddy she is putting me on a diet. And of course that means me (Rocco) too since we eat out of the same bowls.

Mommy went to Petco and found a low fat version of our food. It’s called Eukanuba Weight Control.

We don't mind. It doesn’t taste that different to us.

Pretty soon Aunt Jackie WON’T be able to refer to me (Brownie) as “sausage dog” anymore.

btw, didn’t anyone tell you its not nice to call ‘people’ names, Aunt Jackie?

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