Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Steps

The bed in the other bedroom is really high.  And when our cousins come to visit we like to hang out with them.   And when mommy works in there on here WFH days, we like to be in there with her.  We are her ‘assistants’ after all. 

But without steps, we both need help getting up on the bed.  And getting down is really scary.  I  (Rocco) can jump, but everyone is afraid I might hurt myself.   And being afraid of heights, I (Brownie) would be stuck up there for days without help getting down (Brownie).  Come on, we’re little dogs and we’re 11 ½.

Daddy is tired of carrying our steps from one room to the other (and mommy cringles with every nick of a wall as he does), so today they came home with new steps for us.  They are a bit steeper and a little strange, but we are learning to go up and down.

Always remember:  Don't be afraid to take the first step to try something new…you just might have fun in the process!

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