Friday, November 9, 2007

"The Beav"

Mommy takes a vanpool from the city to the country every Friday night. Its a long drive, with lots of traffic. But she says its worth it to be able to come home and spend the weekend with us. Our momma loves us soooo much.

She gets dropped off at the Fairfield Transit Center. Its across the street from Target. Which is a good thing, because she usually has to wait for daddy to pick her up. He works late a lot.

So mommy spends the time walking up & down the aisle at Target. She could spend hours there. Which again is a good thing, since she usually is waiting & waiting for daddy to pick her up...

Tonight mommy bought us a present....a new puppy AKA stuffed beaver.

We love new toys!

Throw it dad. Throw it!

Daddy tossed it and we played fetch and tug-of-war. Again and again.

It was so much fun.

I work hard. Concentrate & dig in.

I (Brownie) REALLY get into it. I can't help myself.

The next thing you know the beaver is a shell of its former self and stuffing is everywhere.

I (Rocco) can't stand it anymore. I go in. I get it and steal it.

I just lovvvvve teasing Brown.

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