Monday, July 9, 2007

Brownie Pukes Up a Leg

Daddy’s out of town, so we’re staying with mommy in the city for a couple days. It’s usually boring when we’re home alone, but today was a different story.

I (Brownie) still had that stomach that I’ve had for over a week. But as I was sitting on the window seat, I started feeling even MORE sick.... Next thing you know I'm threwing up the kitty leg I ate 10 days ago! It was NOT fun coming back up, but I felt a lot better when it was over.

We were resting in the sun when we heard mommy’s voice call out” “Where’s my puppies?” After a bunch of kisses and a couple of treats, mommy spied the leg and let out a yelp!

She cried out: “Oh my God, Brownie! Has that been in your belly all this time!?!”

“Are you ok little girl?”

“What do I do!?! What do I do?!?!”

“Where’s the number to the vet. O lordy, am I going to have to drive you out to Fairfield! Where's that number!”

After a call to our vet in the country and a second to the doggy hospital in San Francisco, mommy calmed down. Both vets said that they could X-ray my tummy, but the offending object was out. They told her to watch me over the next couple days and to feed me a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice for a few days.

Brownie, I (Rocco) love it when you do something dumb and we end up eating our favorite meal for the rest of the week.

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